Prense Oü is an international company, which has a number of experts, who are specialized in exporting vehicles from Germany to other countries and continents. We operate in this multinational business since 2000 and our experts are located in different countries. Our staffs are multilingual and have deep understanding the markets in concern.

The range of vehicles varies from personal car to can, trucks, mobile homes and caravans. The customers vary from private customers, all sizes of dealers and private company to wholesalers.

We deliver mostly vehicles manufactured in Germany but the mandates include also very extensive range of other quality brands, which with we are plenipotentiary able to serve our customers.

Free Support
We offer free preconsultation in your vehicle purchase. Here we describe all the import facts and features in import as also needed calculations. All this is free until you decide to go for purchasing with us. Therefore, contact us immediately and ask more for your dream vehicle.
All inclusive-service
We attend to all the tasks, concerning purchase, delivery, warranty, registration and after-sales of your vehicle, according to your needs. Tell us your wishes and we will fulfill them.
Secured purchase process
A purchase from another country is often challenging because the law requirements, warranties, consumer protection, vehicle maintenance and documents are often processed by different ways as in home countries. We ensure that everything is handled correctly because mistakes are expensive and hard to correct.
First class quality
We ensure that you get a vehicle, which condition and driving history is carefully checked, which fulfills your quality requirements. We optimize the purchase so, that the quality – price – condition and accessories are pleasant for you.