You avoid problems in purchasing

To find a very good vehicle from the markets is a challenge if not done by professionals or experienced people. Therefore, the use of an expert is invaluable. It is very hard to create an opinion of the markets and find out if the state of offered vehicle is good, fulfilling personal requirements, priced competitively and possible technical problems the vehicle model might have. The documentation of hidden problems can take weeks in complicated cases and many of common problems in vehicles are not usually known by buyers.

You get a high quality vehicle

When you purchase a vehicle through us, you ensure that you get a high quality vehicle from an expert. The condition of you vehicle will be the best possible that the markets are possible to offer. The German roads are almost all paved and this is the reason why the vehicles are in very good condition. The use of salt is also less common than in Scandinavia.

You get an economical advantage

Purchase though us has a great economical advantage. When you acquire a vehicle through us, you will usually benefit 3000-10 000€, compared to the domestic prices, depending on the vehicle and its age. An additional advantage is that you do not have to use your own time to find a vehicle, you do not have to deal with warranties or clearing of technical details. You get a vehicle, which has been used on good roads in Central-Europe. Therefore, the vehicles are in better condition than the ones of the same age used countries with more sparsely paved roads. Another additional value is that the vehicles usually have very abundant lines of accessories, because their costs are low compared to many other countries.

You get the vehicle for a spectacular price

We use the whole Central-Europe covering dealer networks to place the right purchase price for you vehicle. We have the most efficient acquire model in use, both in used and new vehicles. Therefore, you get the most effective price-efficiency from us. You will never pay too much.
You get a guarantee for your vehicle
When you buy a vehicle through us, you will get an international warranty. This way you can ensure that any defects appeared in your vehicle will be repaired without giving you any extra financial burdens. If you have questions or needs to contact the seller, we will support you in every matter.
All inclusive service
You will avoid stress, the loss of time and unnecessary headache when you purchase a vehicle through us. We deliver the vehicle according to your wishes, even registered at your home door. We offer all inclusive service from us.
You decide – We act!