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Our service focuses on getting the best vehicle for a customer for the best price the market has to offer. Our service is all inclusive and we deliver your vehicle to your home door if you wish so.

The advantages by buying through us

You get a high quality vehicle When you purchase a vehicle through us, you ensure that you get a high quality vehicle from an expert. The condition of you vehicle will be the best possible that the markets are possible to offer. The German roads are almost all paved and this is the reason why the vehicles are in very good condition. The use of salt is also less common than in Scandinavia.

Your get a guarantee for your vehicle When you buy a vehicle through us, you will get an international warranty. This way you can ensure that any defects will get you a repair for you vehicle without giving you extra financial burdens. If you have questions or need contacts in central Europe, we will help you.

You get an economical advantage Purchase though us has a great economical advantage. When you buy a vehicle through us, you will usually benefit 3000-6000€ for it, depending on the vehicle and its age. An additional advantage is that you do not have to use your own time to find a vehicle, you do not have to deal with warranties or clearing some technical details. You get a vehicle, which has been used on good roads in central-Europe. Therefore, the vehicles are in a better shape than the ones of the same age in Scandinavia. Another additional value is that the vehicles usually have much better accessories, compared to the ones at your home markets.

You avoid problems in purchasing To find a very good vehicle from the markets is a a challenge if not done by professionals. Therefore, the use of an expert is invaluable. It is very hard to create a picture of the markets and say if the offered vehicle is good and inexpensive given the possible technical problems the vehicle might have. The documentation of problems can take weeks in complicated cases and common problems in vehicles are not usually known by a typical buyer.

You get the vehicle for the best possible price We use the whole German covering dealer network and we have the most efficient purchase model in use, both in used and new vehicles. Therefore, you get the possible price-efficiency from us.

All inclusive service You will avoid stress, the loss of time and unnecessary headache when you buy a vehicle through us. We will deliver a vehicle according to you wishes, even to front of your home door. You decide – We act.

The export process


When a purchase is decided after the survey, we will make a contract, which shows which vehicle to buy, its condition requirements, features of the accessories, purchase price, the type of the transportation and prices. The purchase process takes usually from a few days to two weeks, depending on the requirements of the vehicle.
The buyer can also come to Germany to buy a vehicle, in this case we will function as an interpreter and we make a survey process work before the arrival. By this way the purchase process is minimized and the purchase usually happens within two days.
The buyer can also pick the vehicle from the dealer or from some city agreed upon and enjoy a Central Europe vacation with his or her new vehicle. We will make everything ready for a pick up.
The third possibility is to transport the vehicle to Finland by a car transporter. We also use drivers, who can deliver your vehicle to your home door and they will also take care of your inspection and customs duty requirements. In this way we provide all-inclusive service and everything is based on the wishes of the customer.

The purchase process is as follows:

The inspection of vehicles


We can also do extra condition check-ups for vehicles in addition to our own inspection. With this examination we can ensure that the vehicle is exactly in the condition the customer requires. Inspectors are independent vehicle industry specialists. They will give us a beforehand required report of check points, then the customer can decide whether the condition of the vehicle meet the requirements.
Our purchases have always been based on only and just only absolutely trustworthy and trackable documents of the maintenance and registration papers of a high quality condition. If we cannot verify the history of the vehicle, the purchase process will be discontinued for that candidate.

The export costs

The export costs to the EU countries are as follows:

Purchase compensation, based on the vehicle

Traveling costs, usually about 150-200€

International license plates, valid for five days: 95€

International custom license plates, for 15 days: 170€

Passenger car transportation by car transporter, from 550€

Passenger car transportation by ship, from 450€

Van, transportation by ship, from 450€

Mobile home transportation by ship, from 500€

Motorbike, transportation 350€

The USA and Canada : Ask pricing



Most of the vehicles are just a few years old, therefore they usually have a warranty of one to three years. The warranty usually comes from the dealer but additional warranties are also available at affordable prices.


The warranty is valid all over the world just as for a vehicle bought in your home country. In the case of repairs using the warranty the customer contacts the local dealer.


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Additional Services


In addition to export and import functions, we also deal with different sorts of registration and legal matters in the EU and target country. Ask for more.



We are always looking for new partners. You can be an entrepreneur or a private person, we need every partner in order to make our services better for your customers, reduce costs, ensure the exclusive quality, faster deliveries and bigger wholesale purchases. Contact us today and tell, how we can co-operate.

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